Product Grading Scale

Product Grading is subjective to each person, Please reviews our shops grading scale to ensure you are satisfied with your order!

Enamel pins

 Grade Description
Standard ("A")

Standard grade pins are the best quality pins We offer and is best represented in our product photos. All pins are standard grade unless otherwise stated. Standard grade pins contain no major imperfections, but please note that since pins are handmade, they may include some minor imperfections such as:

  • Superficial surface speck or mark on metal or enamel surface, usually only visible from one angle
  • Slight low enamel fill in minor area of pin, only visible from one angle
  • Imperfections on the back or side of pin - only the front is considered while grading.
  • Slight darker flecks of glitter and/or small specks of stray glitter (on glitter pins) in non-central areas of the design such as the face.
  • Slightly misaligned screenprinting (only applies to pins with screenprint)
  • Other superficial imperfections that are only visible upon very close-up inspection and/or from looking at the pin under certain lighting or from a specific angle.
Seconds ("B")
Seconds pins have more noticeable flaws and will be sold at a discounted price. These pins are perfect for customers who wish to wear their pins around!
  • More noticeable smudges and/or staining on the metal or enamel surface
  • Mild-to-moderate metal oxidization
  • Noticeable and/or deeper surface scratches that span across the metal and/or enamel
  • Moderately loose backing posts
  • Lower fills in larger or visually important areas (low enough to be visible when the pin is viewed from nearly any angle).
  • Missing screenprint (minor details only)
  • Missing area of enamel (very small, minor areas only)


ITA Bags

Grading of our ITA bags are based on potential cosmetic imperfections only. All bags regardless of grade are fully functional!

 Grade Description
A Close-to-perfect and accurately represented in our product photos. Due to the handmade nature of these bags, A-grades may still exhibit miniscule imperfections that are only visible upon close inspection - such as tiny threads that may easily be snipped off, or an inconspicuous speck/dot somewhere on the PU leather surface other than the face area.
B Bags with cosmetic noticeable imperfections. B-grades may exhibit imperfections such as small surface scuffs on the window, or as shown with our Dinosaur ITA bags, slightly smaller scales than shown in product photos. These usually are still very adorable and you may not even notice the imperfections unless you know what you are looking for!
C [Not available for purchase online] Bags with extremally noticeable damage or imperfections. such as major bends in the leather, incorrect instillation of a part of the product, ect. These grades are ONLY available at conventions so you are able to look at the product in its entirety  Someone with experience with crafts may be able to repair the product if they are willing to take up the challenge

Shop policies

Returns & cancellation

If you wish to return your order you must email me within 14 days upon delivery. The item must be unused & in the original packaging! The customer will be responsible for any shipping costs. Once we have received and inspected the item you will receive your refund within 7 days of us receiving your item.

If you wish to cancel your order please email me at within 12 hours of purchase! Once your item is shipped you will not be eligible for cancellations! 

Pre-order items are not eligible for returns.

Damaged Item or Incorrect products

Nothing is more dissapointing then something being wrong with your parcel! Here at PeanutButterPigs we want to make sure you are always happy with our service! If your product was damaged upon delivery or you received the wrong package please email me at with your order number and photos of your products and we will be happy to help resolve this issue!

Stolen or missing package

Unfortunately we have no control over your parcel once we turn it over to the postal system. If you suspect your package has been stolen or lost please file a Missing Package Report from USPS or contact your local post office with any further questions. We always recommend checking with your neighbors just in case they have held or accidentally received your item.

If you wish to purchase from me but are concerned about theft or porch pirates please contact me about postal insurance.