Meet our rescue: Rupert!

Meet our rescue: Rupert!

Meet our rescue: Rupert!

Meet Rupert! He was our very first male guinea pig we have ever had the joy of caring for! 

 Rupert was surrendered to us by a nice lady who had him in her care for about 5 months, trying to find him a new home with little success, and shelters refusing to accept him due to them being at full capacity. She received Rupert after being approached by a man in a Walmart parking lot demanding she take him or else he would k*ll this poor little guinea pig, Not wanting the worst to happen, she reluctantly took him until she was able to transfer his care to us. He came to us on September 28th 2022

Rupert surprisingly did not have any lasting physical signs of neglect however we did have to proceed with his care cautiously as he was understandably very afraid due to the move. 


Day one with us he went right to hiding and taking naps! He was extremely shy and did not want to come out even for veggies.

However with much persistence he began to open up, accept treats and love from us and even nibble my toes when I cleaned the enclosure above his! He was extremely timid but he loved zooming around, begging for attention and tipping down all his houses.


It was so nice to see him open up into such a snuggly little pig! But soon his quarantine was over and it was time to find him a forever home and so many people where interested in him right away! He went home with a nice couple who was looking for a cagemate for their adorable little pig brownie! 

Now they are together to enjoy each others company!