Meet our rescue: Brownie!

Meet our rescue: Brownie!

Meet our rescue: Brownie!

Meet Brownie! She was a dumped guinea pig we got alerted about a month after we received toffee and mocha and from the same location! However, her condition was much worse than theirs...

Brownie was found outside swimming in a lake by an individual out for a walk, We immediately came to pick her up as we were worried about her health. 

She ended up being somewhat healthy however she had an Extremely large bald spot on her side as well as her feet were caked in mud. She was extremely shy, and we were not sure for how long she was outside! It could have been a few hours or even a month if she was dumped by the same people as toffee and mocha, so with her reluctant to eat we started her on critical care right away!

During her quarantine, we kept her in a much smaller enclosure to monitor her health as she still was not willing to explore, it was extremely difficult to get her to eat any sort of snacks

However being able to hear the other piggies get excited about food she slowly started to get excited about it too!

one week progress on bald spot, showing the growth we believed it to be from self-barbering due to stress.

we decided to extend her quarantine just to watch how this spot progressed and to continue to socialize her as she was making little progress.

3-week progress on bald spot! It looked almost completely healed! However she was still not making good progress on her socialization... For the time being we deemed her unstable for adoption into a small herd.
and then after spending so much time with her I gave in and decided to adopt her into my personal herd...with her temperament, I felt that with the other pigs around she would grow into a braver girl.
and that is exactly what happened!
She has now greatly opened up and is best friends with all four of my girls! She follows them everywhere, tries to cuddle with them, and has now grown brave enough to ask to be hand fed some yummy treats!
I am so proud of her progress into such a beautiful and confident girl!
We ended up renaming her potato to match all the other girls P names!
Pickle, Potato, Pip and Baby Pig
Now a beloved member of the pig room welcoming committee!