Sponsor a Guinea Pig!


We take in a lot of rescue piggies that often have many expenses! If you want to aid in the care of these precious piggies, you can sponsor one for the month! 

this sponsorship will pay for their food & medication!

In return, you will get a photo of the pig you are helping, A painting they made & a letter talking about all the funny things they did under your sponsorship.

You can also give just a little support to help out the pigs & will get an email about what treat's they got with your support & a video of them enjoying it!

We appreciate any & all support!


About the pigs!

Rosemary & sage- were rescued from a breeder dump. These ladies are super sweet & talkative. These little ones are potentially expectant mothers!

Teddy- Rescued from a breeder dump this little guy is friendly and happy to be in a him! He loves getting spoiled with extra treats

Cheerio- was surrendered to us by a family who were babysitting them and their owner didn't return! this little guy is happy to be here surrounded by so many friends.

Oreo- Found with cheerio, this poor baby is a potentially terminal pig. He is showing signs of heart disease and we are raising money to get him seen by a vet to get his medication.