Froggy Plush Pochette


Adorable & soft Plush froggy pochette

 Set includes one mom frog pochette with one baby frog wallet inside the pocket

♡ Size approx: mom frog 9.5x9 inches, baby frog 3.5x4 inches

♡ Baby frog can be removed from the pocket and fit comfortably in almost any pocket for you to take your new friend on the go!

 ♡ Baby frog is a small coin purse

 ♡ Can hold necessities like keys, small wallets, and some phones!

 ♡ Made from a super soft plush material! Perfect for cuddles!

choking hazard: This item is not intended for children, Pets or any individual with a tendency to place inanimate objects in there mouth. Adult supervision is advised.