Meet our rescues: Porrgy & Tinky Winky

Meet our rescues: Porrgy & Tinky Winky

Meet our rescues: Porrgy & Tinky Winky

Meet Porrgy & Tinky Winky

We were contacted about an unusual case, Presumably a breeder decided to not continue their breeding anymore and left behind a cage of well over 14 guinea pigs. There were babies, Pregnant moms and a few males all crammed inside. These piggies ended up being split between two rescues, one taking all the babies and females and all the males ended up with us. 

Porrgy & Tinky Winky were two out of the five!

(Photo of transport)

Out of all our rescues we chose the silliest names for these two. We named Porggy as such because he remined us of a porg from star wars! While Tinky winky was just a silly name fit for a baby pig.

Originally these two were bonded to another guinea pig named bear! However porrgy was quite the bully and we had to separate them. Porrgy however, never bothered the baby he was boned to. With their close bond and similar appearance we believe them to be father and son. With porrgy being quite the elderly pig, with mature features and drooping eyelids.

They even had matching long butt fur!

These two were incredibly scared when they came to us. With even after their quarantine ended being to shy to approach us. So we decided to keep them longer and be more rigorous in their socialization training.

After 5 months, They are finally brave enough to say hi when I approach the cage & eager to receive treats. 

These two are finally ready to find their forever home!

Although... They are still cautious.