Meet our rescues: Milo & Otis

Meet our rescues: Milo & Otis

Meet our rescues: Milo & Otis

Meet Milo & Otis!

We were contacted about an unusual case, Presumably a breeder decided to not continue their breeding anymore and left behind a cage of well over 14 guinea pigs. There were babies, Pregnant moms and a few males all crammed inside. These piggies ended up being split between two rescues, one taking all the babies and females and all the males ended up with us. 

Milo & Otis were two out of that five! 

(Photo from transport)

These little pigs arrived together in the same cage, and due to their similar age and fur texture we kept them together with the assumption that they were from the same litter. I believe we were right as they had an extremally close bond.

When we got home and examined them, unfortunately, not all was well. We noticed cloudiness in Otis's eye and immediately scheduled him for a vet appointment. 

The vet confirmed that he had an ulcer in his left eye, so we got him on eye drops and over the next month observed his progress and brought him back for a re-visit.

unfortunately, his eye did not get any better with treatment. However, it also didn't get any worse. In the end the vet concluded that he most likely was unable to see in that eye but since it was not progressing, it most likely wouldn't affect his life. However, there was a chance he could injure his eye again in the future due to him not being able to see. 

As it would not effect his life much we chose to let him keep his eye but inform any potential adopters of the risk and their option to remove it in the future.

We ended up having an intrested family right away, and they decided to take both of them in and love them! Whilst also keeping strict attention on his eye to make sure his condition never worsens.

Now they are in a loving home and have even received new names! Their new owner informed us several months later that his eye is still in tact and not bothering his efforts to explore!