Meet our rescue!: Bear!

Meet our rescue!: Bear!

Meet our rescue!: Bear!

Meet Bear! This little guy has to be one of my favorite rescues to ever pass through our doors.

We were contacted about an unusual case, Presumably a breeder decided to not continue their breeding anymore and left behind a cage of well over 14 guinea pigs. There were babies, Pregnant moms and a few males all crammed inside. These piggies ended up being split between two rescues, one taking all the babies and females and all the males ended up with us.  

Bear was one out of the five!

Bear was gorgeous with the perfect profile for an American guinea pig. Making us conclude that the person who had him was most likely a breeder  

(Photo of transport)

Bear came to us in the same cage as two other pigs! As Milo & Otis turned out to be siblings, we thought that Bear may have also been related to the two pigs that were with him.

However that seems as if it was not the case. On one of his weekly home checkups we noticed lots of wounds and some hairloss!

Originally thinking this could be mites we took him to the vet right away! However after treatment and skin scraping's having no effect we realized the other pig in his cage was bulling him! Just never when we were around!

(photo of Bear's vet check-up)

So we separated the pigs and brought bear to a new enclosure! Shortly after he completely healed and was finally ready to find a new home!  

I was honesty a bit sad to adopt him out. Little Bear was the loudest pig i've ever had the pleasure of hosting! He demanded treats on an hourly basis, always wanted to explore and even cuddled whenever we took him out!

One time he even did something so mischievous! After checking on him one day I was about to leave the room but herd excited popping behind me, only to realize he had escaped his enclosure and was following me like a little duckling!

He was such a charming pig to host! But... He deserved to be in a forever home that could give him their full attention!

At first we had no intrested families in little bear. But soon enough we had a mother and daughter come pick him up! They already had one guinea pig and had hoped to get him a bold cagemate. So they picked up Bear and is now receiving the love of his new family

His Cagemate however needs a bit more time to warm up to him.